My Time Machine

My time machine would look like a small airplane, but without the wings. It would have huge glass windows on both sides. In the back of the time machine would be a bright lemon colored clock with many hands on it. In it would be fluffy bean bag chairs. The paint on the outside is a sparkling red and the inside is a brilliant shade of purple. It would also have buttons in the front that you could punch in the time period that you wanted to go to.

Traveling to the Future

Traveling to the future:

– Why would you want to travel to the future? I would want to travel to the future to see what the world would look like and how things have changed.

– What specific time would you go to? I would probably go to 3013 which would be 1000 years in the future.

– Would you want to look at how your life turned out? I would want to look at how my life turned out because if you made some mistakes in the past you could fix them and you could see if you were sucessful at what you did during your lifetime.

– Describe what you think the world would look like? I tink that the world would be very technological and the buildings would probabluy unimaginable! But I would wonder if the big cities like Chicago and New York would be there or if there were new ones.

– Do you think our current governmental system would still be in place? I think that the government would probably be different in the future.